Happiness is Not a Choice

Everything is amazing and I don't care

Expense Management & Scarcity Mindset

The emotional side of good old financial advice

Achievements and Food Scales

Why I stopped writing and a key lesson I learned since

How the Fuck Do I Hire: A Beginners Guide

Here's a few years of hiring and firing lessons, condensed down into a blog post.

Product Strategy: The Biggest Opportunity for Your P&L

2023 has been gangbusters. We’ve sold out of every collection we’ve dropped within days, sometimes even minutes. How can this be? Two words: product strategy.

Winback Flows: Increase Your Profit 20%+ in 3h

Layered winback flows are an email retention strategy that I wish someone would've told me years ago. Here's a quick guide on how to get them set up in just a few hours for your ecommerce business.

Build Yourself Out - Small Business Systems for Entrepreneurs

Builders are next-level entrepreneurs. Builders ask the question “How do I make this happen without me?” The answer to this question always involves a system.

Principles & Tools I've Used to Build a 7 Figure Business

If there was a competetion between me today and me from 2017 to see who could accomplish the most in 6 months, I would shit all over 2017 version of me. It wouldn’t even be a contest. Mike Tyson vs. your grandma. 👵

Advice for Starting a Business

If I could go back and talk to myself, here’s some bits of advice I would give.

You don't *have* to do anything.

A simple language change to make life 5% better.

Emotional Defeat: How Your Ventures, Projects & Dreams Die

The death of any venture is preceeded by emotional defeat. In this post, I'll define it, explore the paths that branch off from it, and talk about how to navigate feeling defeated so you can get what you want.

Spend Once, Benefit Forever - Investing for Perpetual Returns

There are ways you can “spend once” and benefit forever. In this blog post, I'll walk you through a conceptual framework for how to think about where you spend your time, energy and money.

Mental Model: Dichotomy of Control

Using mental models for wellbeing, you can improve your life by changing how you think. In this article, I describe one of the most powerful ones.

Premeditatio Malorum: Meaning & How to Practice

Premeditatio malorum is Latin for “the premeditation of evils” and refers to the practice of imagining bad things that could happen in the future. While that may sound like a recipe for misery, it actually has the opposite effect: it provides you a sense of peace and calm when bad things do eventually happen.

I tried working only 3h/day for a week. Here's what happened & why I'll do it again.

“If you could only work 3 hours today, what would you do?” I actually tried this, limiting myself to 3 hours of work per day to see what results it would have on my overall productivity and business.

No More Sensitive Teeth After Whitening - My Easy Fix

I recently figured out how to almost completely eliminate pain and sensitivity from whitening teeth. This is a big contrast to my previous whitening experiences, where my teeth became so sensitive that I gave up on whitening. Here's how I did it.

Limbo: The Decision Purgatory

Limbo is the state that you enter when you fail to make a decision. It's an unpleasant place to be. Without a clear decision, you may find yourself simply following the path of least resistance, or in some shitty middle ground between options.

Best Books on Stoicism

I’ve spent years studying Stoicism and I’ve read most of the popular books on the topic, including source material from Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. If you’re looking for the best books on Stoicism, look no further.

How to Keep Running (When You Want to Stop) - 5 Ideas

Lungs burning, legs like lead weights, a voice in your head screaming to throw in the towel. Whether you’re new to running or not, learning some strategies on how to keep running when you want to stop will definitely help you achieve your running goals.

How to Start Running Again

You used to run, but you haven’t in a while. Maybe it’s been 6 weeks. A busy time of life put you out of commission. Maybe it’s been 16 years. You were an athlete once upon a time and want to reconnect with that fitness.Now you’re wondering how to start running again.

How To Get Something Off Your Mind

So, you’ve got something on your mind. The playback seems to be stuck on repeat, and it’s getting pretty old. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to get some relief from this situation so read on for the permanent solution.

How to Read Books More Effectively

Reading now produces more value for me than when I first started reading. Here are some basic principles I wish someone had shared with me at the start of my journey.

Physical Training vs. Mental Training

What would your experience of life be like if it was easier for you to see & appreciate the good parts of life? Or if you could bounce back faster after a bad day? Or if you just simply got frustrated less often? How much better would your life experience be, and how might those around you benefit from that?

Where to Focus to Enjoy the Journey

How many times have you heard something like this? "It's about the journey, not the destination". Seems like solid wisdom. But easy to forget & hard to put into practice.

What makes a good life?

My brother (and business partner!) John shared this video with me a few months ago, and I'm really glad he did. He has a reminder to watch it monthly - it's that important to him.

Solving Problems at 4AM in Bed

It's 4AM and you wake up to use the bathroom, get back into bed. While you wait for sleep to come again, your mind starts to churn away...

Why My Writing Sucks

Some of these essays I've been tempted to delete. I don't want to be judged on them, I think I have much more to offer. Here's why I'm hitting publish anyways.

Pain + Reflection = Progress

In my experience, some discomforts creep up in size, or hide their bulk in the dimness outside the spotlight of attention. Not every big discomfort that has a cataclysmic event associated that triggers a reflection.

Gamifying Good Behavior in Arguments

Everyone wants to be good. And when you’re calm and rational, you can hold yourself to a communication standard. You’ve probably had the experience of not saying that retort that popped into your mind, and later being glad that you didn’t.

Best Mental Toughness Books

The more mental toughness you have, the greater the likelihood that you can stick it out through the challenging parts on your road to doing something awesome. Fortunately, it’s also a characteristic that can be built, and there are some great books out there to help & inspire you.

Great Quotes on Mental Toughness

I’ve written elsewhere that mental toughness is a mixture of resilience, strength of will, and internal discipline. A mentally tough mind is one that is callused to discomfort, yet flexible to a variety of circumstances. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these quotes!