Deep Work by Cal Newport

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My Rating: 8/10
Published or Updated On: 
November 12, 2022

Big Picture Thoughts

Everyone successful entrepreneur I know has Deep Work as a cornerstone principle of their schedule. At this point, it's almost assumed you're doing it. I've been using it for years in one form or another, it's great!

The Main Ideas

  1. Deep work is focusing on a single, challenging task without distraction.
  2. Your ability to succeed in your career is increasingly hinging on your ability to do deep work.
  3. You can train your ability to concentrate, like a muscle, and to do more deep work.

Summary Notes



3 Philosophies for Deploying Deep Work:

  1. Monastic, radical action to minimize shallow obligations (monk like)
  2. Bimodal, divided time in clearly defined stretches between deep and shallow work
  3. Rhythmic, establishing a simple, regular habit for when deep work occurs (& using tactics like Seinfeld’s chain method)
  4. Journalistic, for advanced practitioners, has special prerequisites

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