Range by David Epstein

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My Rating: 9/10
Published or Updated On: 
November 12, 2022

Big Picture Thoughts

This was my favorite business book of the year I read it. Being an entrepreneur, I had intuited many of the things Epstein describes from my own personal experience, but it was wonderfully refreshing to see it all laid out and articulate so well.

The Main Ideas

  1. The old notion of getting ahead in life by specializing early is becoming less relevant.
  2. The new world is full of "wicked" problems - not easily solved by formulas. So we need to be taught how to think.
  3. Breadth is more important than depth with learning how to think and solve wicked problems.

Summary Notes

Cult of the Head Start

How the Wicked World was Made

When Less of the Same is More

Learning, Fast & Slow

Thinking Outside Experience

The Trouble with Too Much Grit

Flirting With Your Possible Selves

The Outsider Advantage

Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology

Fooled by Expertise

Learning to Drop Your Familiar Tools

Deliberate Amateurs


Unorganized but Important Notes

💡 Serial innovators, high tolerance for ambiguity, systems thinkers, peripheral knowledge from other domains, repurposing what is already available, adept at using analogous domains for finding inputs to the invention process, ability to connect disparate pieces of information in new ways, synthesizing information from many different sources, flip among ideas, broad range of interests, read more and more broadly than other technologists and wider range of outside interests, need to learn significantly across multiple domains, need to communicate with various individuals with technical expertise outside of their own domain.

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